Does Technology Give Students an Edge?

I was fascinated to research how central technology has become to a child’s education for the first piece I wrote for Mashable:

It’s amazing the way new computer programs can engage students, especially in the areas of math and science, where the U.S. clearly lags behind other countries. And it provides students in rural areas, or those with limited resources, the chance to take classes online, gaining expertise they otherwise would not have. Digital learning has become central to classrooms in a remarkably short period of time. Still,while speaking with numerous technology experts, I learned while technology offers opportunities for many, it has furthered the divide between the haves and have nots. Many districts, including poor urban cities as well as Native American reservations, lack sufficient internet access; many schools don’t have the funds to train teachers in how to use the technology appropriately, so it’s most effective. This is an issue that I hope to explore in a future article.  Stay tuned!