During my long career as a journalist, I have spoken at many conferences. This includes discussing such the many topics I cover. I also have discussed how to make technical environmental stories appealing for the general public. I often serve the role of “coach,” giving advice on how to make ideas appeal to a mainstream audience. I’ve also spoken at academic conferences as well as those hosted by professional organizations, including the Society of Environmental Journalists. For the past few years, I’ve spoken at a series of “Boomer Summits,” a gathering of entrepreneurs developing products for more successful aging. I ensure that my presentations are interesting, helpful and relevant, yet entertaining. 

I’m available to speak at your next luncheon, public event. I also have extensive experience being interviewed on both radio and television and am available for interviews as well. Below are some of my previous speaking engagements and interviews. 

Rodger That: When Dementia Meets the Coronavirus. 2020

NPR, The Takeaway 2009

Book Club Discussion of Making Up With Mom 

WDIV Feature Story on Making Up With Mom

Michigan Radio.

Here are some testimonials:

Joan Dickson, Ann Arbor City Club, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Around the room were tears, chuckles, and nods of understanding as Julie Halpert spoke about her book, Making Up With Mom. All of us were able to relate to the scenarios presented. For some it was dealing with current issues; for others it evoked memories of our mother. Thank you Julie.

Christine Fitzsimons, Ann Arbor Country Club

Julie is an excellent public speaker and did a wonderful job at Ann Arbor Country Club, talking about her book, adeptly fielding questions from the audience and all the time entertaining us with her lively, engaging and very personable delivery style.

Lynn Gittleson, Book Festival Director, Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington.

Your talk was both enlightening and entertaining. It seemed like everyone there could relate in some way or another to many of the stories you shared (we know we could!). You walked the fine line of giving advice to both mothers and daughters without passing judgment – never an easy task! We hope you were heartened by the many questions that followed your presentation and everyone’s desire to engage in a personal dialogue with both of you. All who were there loved it! Thanks for all you did to make it a great afternoon.

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