Reinventing Retirement

Over the next 19 years, 10,000 people will turn 65 every day. But just as this generation left their unique mark in every other phase of their life, boomers are putting their own stamp on retirement, working longer and leading more active lives. I’ve been extensively covering this evolution. For the past few years, I have written the “Second Acts” stories for The Wall Street Journal chronicling the journeys of those who have switched to new careers or passions late in life.

How to land a great job when you are over 50. CNBC. 2018

The Sharing Economy Booms for Boomers. CNBC. 2016

Boomers mimic Warren Buffett when it comes to inheritances. CNBC. 2015

The New Retirement: A Vital Mix of Learning and Love. The Fiscal Times. 2013

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