The Auto Industry

The auto industry is undergoing a revolution with a fundamental shift towards a future made up of self-driving cars. My coverage explores the impacts of technology and environmental regulations on car designs, and the policies that are pushing these changes.

Carmakers Put the Focus on Older Drivers. AARP. 2019

Fasten Your Seat Belts: Carmakers Prepare for the Biggest Change Since the Model T. The Fiscal Times. 2017

The Race to Revolutionize Your Car’s Engine. The Fiscal Times. 2016

Cars hear you, but when will they get you? Automotive News. 2015

Autonomous driving and the law: Who’s responsible when there’s a machine at the wheel? Automotive News. 2015

Passing Fear: Do Fuel Economy Gains Compromise Quick Acceleration? Scientific American. 2011

Detroit: Will Americans Ever Buy Small Cars? Newsweek. 2009

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