Science and Environment

Climate change is undoubtedly one of the most significant issues of our time. My articles focus on this crucial topic and the many other ways that human behavior affects the environment, as well as scientific breakthroughs.

What if U.S. Fuel Economy Standards Went Away? Ensia. 2018

Getting the Lead Out. Ann Arbor Observer. 2018

Pipeline Protest. Ann Arbor Observer. 2017

Scientists pushed to share their data sooner. Michigan Radio. 2013

Scientists pushed to engage the public through social media. Michigan Radio. 2013

Judaism and Climate Change. Yale Climate Connections. 2012

Passing Fear: Do Fuel Economy Gains Compromise Quick Acceleration? Scientific American. 2011

“Science Friday”‘s Ira Flatow: Selling Science by Weekly Radio. Yale Climate Connections. 2010

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