A Visit to the Lucy Ann Lance Show

I very much enjoyed the opportunity to discuss my recent article on the Howard Weinblatt case on the Lucy Ann Lance show this morning. I was particularly impressed by the range and depth of Lance’s questions. She clearly had read the entire 4,000-plus word piece, which was impressive! The questions allowed for a thorough discussion of the many key issues surrouding privacy, surveillance and punishment for sex offenders that this case raises. As a journalist, I always appreciate these types of opportunities. How many professions allow you the chance to reflect on your work with the general public? It’s another indication of how important journalism can be in engaging the public in conversation about key topics — and in doing so, impacting change. If you did tune in, I welcome your reactions. If not, here’s a link to the interview. If you scroll down to my picture, you can just click it on and listen.

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