headshotjuliehalpert.jpegI believe every good article starts with a story, and I attempt to bring the personal element into all the pieces I write. I have been a freelance journalist for over 20 years. My work has appeared regularly in dozens of the nation’s most highly read publications including The New York Times, Newsweek, The Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, AARP, Parents, Family Circle, Glamour and Good Housekeeping. I have also contributed several pieces, on-air, to public radio.  Other publications I have written for over the past two years are:  The Fiscal Times, Advertising Age, Automotive News, Scientific American, Popular Mechanics, iVillage, Redbook, Scholastic Parent & Child, Technology Review, The Yale Forum on Climate Change and the Media and the in-flight magazines American Way and Hemispheres. I started as an environmental reporter for the trade journal, Inside EPA in Washington, D.C.  My background in the environment spiraled into many other areas, especially the automotive industry.  But in my 20-plus years as a freelance journalist, my constant thirst for knowledge has sent me pursuing a host of disparate topics. In a typical week, it’s not unusual for me to simultaneously report about the financial struggles facing retirees, a potential cure for neurological diseases, the ethical dilemmas over self-driving cars and the role of sociologists in shaping the climate change debate.

For over three decades, I’ve been co-teaching an environmental journalism class at the University of Michigan. I’m a founder of The Society of Environmental Journalists, an 1,100 member professional organization dedicated to enhancing the quality and quantity of environmental reporting. One of my public radio stories was part of a documentary, “Coal: Dirty Past, Hazy Future,” that won the prestigious Edward R. Murrow award. My articles have also received numerous awards from The Society of Professional Journalists Detroit Chapter.

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Loved your article in march 31 wall st. Journal about trip insurance. Have you written anything or could you write about car rental insurance in Europe. We are finding the cost of insurance to be more than renting the car!! Any suggestions?
Thank you.

Mary Alice:
I was unaware of this situation, since I haven’t traveled to Europe lately. But if you want to fill me in on the details, perhaps it might be a story I could pursue, not just focused on Europe, but on renting cars in many foreign destinations. Sorry I can’t be of more help!

Read your story about rear fog lights, didn’t know there were such a thing. I do agree with your point about using front fog lights only in poor visibility conditions. So many people use them 24/7 and they only bind the on coming driver, and give little luminous to night driving. Their light only goes out less than 12 feet, and only binds the on coming drivers. A good clean windshield goes a long way and helping to see better when driving at night.

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