At Long Last, a Slick New Car Website Just For Women!

I’ve been delighted to be asked to contribute to a brand new website that makes learning about cars, living with them and purchasing them that much easier. Jean Knows Cars: launched earlier this month. It’s intended to be a light and flavorful look at a subject that can be daunting and frankly, one that rarely attracts as much readership among women as it does men. Run by Jean Jennings, who edits Automobile Magazine, and backed by that magazine’s publisher, it intends to demystify the car-buying process, while including real-life rants about what women love — and hate — about their cars. There are also nifty sections on the latest innovations in both style and safety. So far, I’ve written three articles for the site:

I also have one in the works on what it’s like driving a 288,000 mile car. I believe this new site has much to offer women trying to navigating the high-wheeling world of automobiles. I hope you’ll check it out!